Fibroblast Face Lifting & Skin Tightening

Fibroblast uses cutting edge technology in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin with only limited downtime & no cutting or stitching! A permanent and natural alternative to botox and fillers with permanent results!
Fibroblast is a tiny plasma flash which uses the energy between the Fibroblast hand piece and the skin which causes the skin tissue to contract and therefore minimise in its immediate vicinity. We grid the tiny plasmatic flashes along the skin in the direction we wish to pull the skin.
The plasma flash not only completely reduces skin in the area but also damages the skin cell creating what we call a “biological dressing” similar to that of a chemical peel, once healed leaving a beautiful and radiant complexion.
Fibroblast is permanent procedure, the only contradictions being general ageing and excessive weight gain/loss.
The amount of treatments needed depends on the individual and their desired outcome, however we recommend at least more than one treatment for an ideal result.
N.B- All repeat treatments are half price.

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Frequently asked questions

“What is the downtime?”

The plasmatic flashes leave some tiny brown spots, once these harden and crystal they will fall within 5-7 days. Once fallen, it is impeccable the client protects this area from the sun for up to 3 months to prevent risk of pigmentation and scarring. For any treatments around the eyes we recommend at least two days downtime at home due to swelling. Ice packs and anti-inflammatories can be used in this time to reduce these symptoms. Clients with other treatment areas can usually go about their daily routine from the next day provided they are not in contact with sunlight.

Just like any other cosmetic procedure there is a pain involved with this procedure. We are able to lease with the client and organise with them a numbing agent attainable from a doctor prior to the procedure. If they are still concerned they can take panda prior at their expense.

For any clients concerned about pigmentation risks we can organise a patch test prior to your procedure to determine how your skin is going to react to the procedure. This procedure is not recommend for anyone over a Fitzpatrick Skin Type of 4.

The amount of treatments needed is completely up to the client and their desired look. It is also hard to predict how each individual will respond to the treatment. Incredible results are seen from just one treatment but we will be able to give you more of an idea after we see how the skin has reposted to the first treatment. This can also be discussed in a complimentary consultation prior to your procedure.

YES! Provided we know exactly when your last treatment of fillers/botox was and work correctly around this, this is not an issue.

“Is it painful?”

“I am worried I am at risk of pigmentation”

“How many treatments will I need?”

“I have had fillers/botox, can I still have Fibroblast?

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